PROFIC launches the workshop phase at LA partner universities

The PROFIC consortium piloted the first training workshop together with university colleagues from their institutions.

During 3 weeks in March, a group of participants from seven PROFIC partners will participate in six training workshops as part of the workshop phase of the professional development programme. The workshop stage includes both synchronic and asynchronic activities delivered through a Moodle platform provided by PROFIC. The objectives of this stage are to reflect on intercultural competence and how it relates to the practices of academic and administrative staff. The workshops will be coordinated by international and local facilitators and carried out during these three weeks simultaneously at the Universidad Nacional de La Plata (Argentina), Universidad Nacional de Lanús (Argentina), Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina), Universidad Don Bosco (El Salvador), Universidad Tecnológica de El Salvador (El Salvador), Universidad de Guadalajara (Mexico), Universidad Veracruzana(Mexico). The workshop phase addresses several learning objectives in the development of individual and pedagogical intercultural competence, the support of intercultural competence and the professional practice of reflection on the development of IC. Once this stage is concluded, a community phase will take place in May. During this phase, participants from all the universities will exchange experiences. Emphasis will be placed on collaborative work, participative learning and reflection around intercultural issues experienced by the participants throughout their work. Activities will be carried out on the Moodle platform with some synchronous sessions. The purpose of this phase is to continue with the development of intercultural competences and to develop action plans in order to implement the knowledge and skills acquired by working with students and colleagues in the next phase. Following the PROFIC Learning Programme, a third phase will be piloted in LA HEIs. During this final phase, staff who attended the training will implement knowledge gained from the PROFIC Learning Programme in their work.